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  • AUGUST 2015, Tahiti Nui Explorers: Exploring the Polynesian Triangle and Beyond Exposition,  Air Tahiti Nui Curator

  • 2013 OUT OF TAIWAN, Shared Connections in the Pacific. Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum (PIEAM), Long Beach, CA

  • 2012 TAIWAN, NOS ANCESTRES? Photo exposition culturally linking Taiwan indigenous with Polynesia- Museum of Tahiti, French Polynesia.

  • 2012 LA ROUTE DES CONTES, LA POLYNÉSIE, La Celle Saint-Cloud, France - Polynesian Photo Exposition exhibitor

    An International Photographic Exposition. A cultural photographic showing connecting peoples of the Pacific.  The exposition travelled throughout Taiwan at the:


    • National Museum of Prehistory- Taitung, Taiwan ROC

    • Seaport Art Center, Tai Chung City

    • Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaoshuing City Government

    • Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park, Ping Tung

    • Museum of World Religions, Taipei

    • (CIP) Council of Indigenous Peoples, Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Resource Center, Executive Yuan, Taipei


  • 1992 ETHNIC DANCES of the WORLD, UCLA–  J Paul Getty Cultural Center - LA Festival photographic exposition.

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